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If you are reading this right now, you already know my free tipster service yields plenty of winners.

This service has been running reliably since 1999 and are free for everyone all year round.

This service is permanent and I have no plans to ever stop it or charge for it. 

But as a professional tipster I am in business to make money just like you are...

...So, you might not be surprised to learn that I don’t give all my information away for free.

If you're looking to improve your win ratio and profits over the long term, my Special Saturday bets are the perfect complement to your free subscription, and here's why.

Every week I get information from sensitive sources for Saturday bets at various racecourses every weekend. 

Historically, these have been my most profitable bets, but you can only get them if you're a Bronze service member.

Acquiring Saturday's best information does costs me a lot of money that has taken me years of negotiation. 

I simply can’t give it away free of charge. 

What I can do is offer it for a fee that anyone can afford.
My Bronze Service was created for people who want Saturday's best bets for a low monthly payment of just £8. 

This is a £107 value that you're getting for less than 10% of the original cost!

That means you can keep your Bronze membership for over a year and you still won't have paid what it's worth!

This is about the same cost of your Netflix subscription each month, but this can actually put cash back into your wallet. 
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By now you are familiar with the reach of my insider network and the quality analysis provided by my team. If you're a casual gambler who wants a regular source of top-class form analysis and genuine stable information, this is the best source of it’s kind available in the UK.
My Bronze Service is my entry-level service that includes all of the following benefits:
Full Bronze Betting Service Provided For 52 Weeks A Year
With up to 10+ bets on Saturdays during busy race periods
Your Very Own Professional Horse Racing Insider
It's like having your own racing insider for every bet you place
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"I had never been to the track before and purchased Paul's Bronze Service. By the end of the day I had doubled my money using the racecard that's provided. Anyone can do this.”
Ian Sims
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